Guiding organizations  through each phase of the CPIC process–select, control, and evaluate.

Over the years, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has revised the expectations and focus areas related to the implementation of the Clinger Cohen Act. Vergys has supported agencies in their adjustment to the changes, assisting with the basic requirement of writing business cases that provide clarity to the investment’s purpose and prove the effective management of IT resources.

Specifically, our teams have assisted agencies through each of the distinct phases of Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC): select, control and evaluate.

  • Select Phase Activities: We have measured investment values based on its alignment to mission and business needs as balanced against risk, costs and benefits.
  • Control Phase Activities: We have created templates and processes to ensure that the investments are on schedule, within budget, and meet the scope and customer expectations of the work approved. We have also helped project managers develop their project management artifacts, including risk management plans, quality assurance plans, project charters, and project management plans.
  • Evaluate Phase Activities: We have helped organizations design post implementation reviews to assess whether the proposed financial and business benefits of their investments have been achieved.