Design Thinking

Applying creative problem-solving to address complex challenges in an iterative and user-centered way.

High-performing organizations have long recognized the importance of design whether used in product development, customer experiences, or internal operations. With this in mind, we use design thinking (DT) as the basis of innovation services and translate established principles into a flexible tool for use across the government. We join knowledge of government operations, consulting practices, and DT expertise to find people-centered solutions to complex problems.

Our design thinking methodology is consistent with that established by Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design:

  • Empathize. Understand the experience, situation, and emotion of the people we’re supporting
  • Define. Process and synthesize findings to form a POV that our design will address
  • Ideate. Generate an array of diverse solutions that step beyond the obvious to explore a range of ideas
  • Prototype. Build fast and simple versions of an idea to interact with and learn from
  • Test. Use observation and feedback to refine prototypes, learn from users, and refine our original POV