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#FedGovHack 7 – Change Government with Incentives

We have all heard people clamor that the federal government should be run like a business. Those people are wrong. The federal government is not a business and should NOT run like a business. Businesses are incented to maximize shareholder return which is often equated to some measure of profitability.  (more…)

#FedGovHack 6 – In the GAO We Trust

It is easy for those inside and outside of the “beltway” to take shots at the workings of the federal government. Admittedly there are problems with talent acquisition and retention, fiscal management, and project management just to name a few. However, one of the beacons of hope is our very own Government Accountability Office. (more…)

#FedGovHack 5 – Embrace Outsourced IT

During my sophomore year in college my girlfriend at the time made a mixtape of my favorite songs. It was a very thoughtful overture. Yet today her efforts would be considered unnecessary and inefficient. There is no need to record songs from CDs or other tapes onto a new tape. Instead we outsource the development of playlists to Spotify, Pandora, or the other latest music streaming service. (more…)

#FedGovHack 4 – Test Earlier

No matter the IT project – commercial or federal system deployment, agile or waterfall development methodology, cloud or on-premise solutions – you need more time to test. You just do. (more…)

5 Things We Learned at Fosterly’s Collaborate

Last month, the Vergys team attended Fosterly’s much-talked-about Collaborate conference—a convergence of government execs, DC insiders, start-uppers and change agents who have heard, and heeded, technology’s siren song. Sweet and seductive, the new wave of innovative thinking can easily lead one astray. So every now and then, it’s important to corral the troops, steady the pace, and find ways to cooperatively tackle today’s biggest challenges. (more…)