Category: Project Management

If you’ve read magazines like US Weekly or People, you’ve seen the “Who Wore It Best” section. Readers are asked to compare two celebrities who wore the same outfit and judge who pulled it off. Being the project management nerds that we are, we looked at data to see which federal agencies make agile project management work for them.


But it is more popular for project managers. Agile software projects outnumber waterfall projects by nearly two-to-one.[i] [ii] Is it performing as promised? Based on data from, not quite.


The launch date has arrived. After months filled with team meetings, status reports, and planning documents, your team can confidently assert the project was delivered on-time and on-budget. The system is in production and running smoothly. Congratulatory emails flood the inbox of all involved and everyone is pleased. So, why is the project still a failure? Why, because the project didn’t achieve the business goals. (more…)

Each fiscal year end, federal agencies scramble to spend end-of-year money. This effort is complicated by problems in their project and portfolio management. A current case study will be used to highlight the root causes of these problems and some process improvement strategies. (more…)