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The Psychology of Simple

Why is simple so damn hard to get right? For a concept that we all understand, ‘simple’ is deceivingly difficult to pin down. Continue Reading

IRS Goes XML With Tax-Exempt Forms

The IRS is taking a step to open data on the financials of tax-exempt organizations. The tax agency is making most Forms 990 – which detail tax-exempt organizations’ financial information – available in machine-readable XML format, the agency announced June 16. Continue Reading

The Federal IT Papers

The following story is taken from a book-length work authored by a senior Federal IT official currently working in government. This is one part of an extensive, firsthand account of how IT decisions are made, the obstacles standing in the way of real change in government technology management, and what one career Federal IT employee really thinks about the way government does IT. Continue Reading

Medium’s Cofounder On How To Design Simple Solutions For Complex Problems

A couple years ago I went to Best Buy to get a television. I only wanted something flat like they are these days. The salesman convinced me to buy a really expensive “Smart TV.” I don’t like this TV for lots of reasons. Chief among them is that it has a camera on top. Continue Reading

The Three-Month FedRAMP Approach

After an overhaul, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program expects to offer cloud service providers a dramatically shorter time frame for reviews. The focus on speed would be a welcome improvement on the current state of affairs. Continue Reading

A New Software Tool Could Help Stop the Next ISIS Recruiting Video

The Islamic State recruits supporters and fellow travelers from around the world largely by spreading photos and videos of its violent exploits online. What if social-media companies could automatically detect and delete such imagery? Continue Reading