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Federal background checks could soon factor in social media

The intelligence community has released a plan to include checks of public social media accounts as part of standard background investigations to qualify feds and contractors for access to classified information. Continue Reading

Philly’s ‘Dispatch’ Makes Small Procurement Easy

Traditional government procurement is esoteric and the results are bad for everyone. Fewer vendors in the selection pool leads to higher costs for government, inferior project results and fewer opportunities for startups that don’t have the knowledge and experience to participate. Continue Reading

FDIC pursuing data rights management to protect information

Despite assurances that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is taking steps to keep personally identifiable and financial information secure, the agency cannot be certain that tens of thousands of files accidentally downloaded from its network won’t fall into the wrong hands. Continue Reading

Agencies Record Marginal Improvements In FITARA Scores; NASA Efforts Questioned

Most Federal agencies received slightly better grades Wednesday for their progress under the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, according to the annual scorecard released ahead of a hearing on Capitol Hill. Continue Reading