Budget Management

Aligning financial data and key performance measures to mission goals and objectives.

Financial executives frequently face the challenge of effectively managing their portfolios with extremely limited—and often diminishing—resources as their only means of support. As such, simply measuring and reporting expenditures are not enough to support mission goals; instead, effective financial management and decision making requires agencies and organizations to create performance-driven strategies based on focused performance monitoring and analytics.

Vergys enables effective and efficient resource management through the innovative integration of financial information with key performance measures that align with agency goals and objectives. Our team assists our clients in the definition and implementation of strategies and practices that better position agencies to deliver and manage solutions across a broad range of business processes. Vergys provides the following budget-related services:

  • Budget Planning, Formulation, Execution and Reporting
  • Preparation of Budget Submissions/Documentation
  • Financial and Budget Process Mapping/Improvement
  • Financial Modeling, Management and Analysis