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If you’ve read magazines like US Weekly or People, you’ve seen the “Who Wore It Best” section. Readers are asked to compare two celebrities who wore the same outfit and judge who pulled it off. Being the project management nerds that we are, we looked at data to see which federal agencies make agile project management work for them.


But it is more popular for project managers. Agile software projects outnumber waterfall projects by nearly two-to-one.[i] [ii] Is it performing as promised? Based on data from, not quite.


I know it is preposterous to consider one of the best orators of our generation and champion for the under classes of our society to be the chief information officer for the federal government – preposterous but also somewhat intriguing. Based on what we know about the man and his causes here are a few issues about which he may have been passionate. (more…)

While discussing CIOs and the Federal Shutdown, they “especially liked management consultant Eric Thomas’ piece, What CIOs Can Learn From The U.S. Government Shutdown.”  (more…)

There are plenty of business continuity and disaster recovery-related lessons to be learned from the government shutdown. Here are seven key takeaways.


IT managers can improve their management of the budget process by following these five tips, such as distributing responsibility and including confidence factors. (more…)