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Increased computing power has given society the ability to analyze extremely large data sets to reveal patterns, trends, and correlations. So called, Big Data, is purported to have the potential to cure cancer, prevent terrorism, and even feed the world.

Surely, Big Data can fix government too. How much information does the IRS have embedded in years and years of tax returns? How much information does the Department of Homeland Security have its files? It is almost unfathomable to consider how much Big Data the government must have stored away in data centers, server farms, and the cloud.

But I contend much actionable information is easily within our grasp. This, Little Data, is readily accessible from our browsers and even cell phones.

  • Want to know about customer satisfaction with your agency’s services – it’s here.
  • Want to know about satisfaction with your agency website – it’s here.
  • Want to know about your employee viewpoints – it’s here.
  • Want to know about your website traffic – it’s here.
  • Want to know which projects may hold the most benefit for your agency – it’s here.

We should embrace the data – whether Big or Little – to improve performance and advance constituent services.