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How Civic Interests Are Helping Shape Government Innovation

Government and technology are far apart as cultures. Government is deliberate. A wise leader does not subject his roads, power grid and economy to whimsy. He plans everything. Technology is experimental. Technology is Leonardo da Vinci taking a half-dozen naps each day. Continue Reading

U.S. CIO: Financial changes needed beyond IT Modernization Fund

The proposed IT Modernization Fund could be a game changer for agencies, but the government still needs to be smarter about its long-term IT investments and mindful of other methods to update its systems, U.S. CIO Tony Scott said Wednesday. Continue Reading

18F wants to move past building digital services for agencies

The General Services Administration’s 18F team hopes to one day move away from its primary business of building digital services for other agencies, two of its co-founders said Wednesday. Continue Reading

Senate Commerce Committee approves technology research policy bill

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation approved a bipartisan bill Wednesday designed to streamline science and technology research and development. “My hope is that this bill helps reset how Congress approaches science policy,” said Sen. Cory Gardner, R- Colo. Continue Reading

18 teams, 8 judges, one winner: Inside Bloomberg Government’s 6th Innovation Showcase

Bloomberg Government recently hosted its 6th Innovation Showcase, a demonstration of creative technology solutions for government affairs, federal and contracting professionals in Washington, D.C. Continue Reading

How IT Enhances the Customer Experience

Organizations are reaping huge ROI from their investments in the customer experience, especially if they fund for new marketing technologies or upgrades, according to a recent survey from Avanade and Sitecore. Continue Reading

White House: U.S. wants to be at the forefront of automation policy

The Obama administration wants the U.S. to be a world leader in economic and defense policy related to a new wave of automation powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said Tuesday. Continue Reading