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OMB Finalizes Software Management Mandates

The Office of Management and Budget has been busy releasing new policies intended to reduce the federal government’s IT spend and, on June 2, issued the final draft of a directive to streamline software purchasing and management. Continue Reading

Biden Launches Data Portal To Back Cancer Moonshot

Vice President Joe Biden helped launch a public genomic data portal Monday in support of his “moonshot” to eradicate cancer. The National Cancer Institute’s Genomic Data Commons will be used to store, share and analyze genomic and clinical data on tumor sequences — the DNA linked to cancer. Continue Reading

Can Government Get Digital Services To Stick?

Digital services have been a focal point for the Obama administration, with the Presidential Innovation Fellows, 18F, the U.S. Digital Service (USDS) and now the General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service all aimed at changing the way the government uses technology to serve its customers. Continue Reading

Big Government Courts Small Startups

High costs, mountains of paperwork and long wait times often make working with the government a nightmare for entrepreneurs, but some agencies are trying to change that by promising startups faster and easier access to federal capital. Continue Reading

Drone Taxis? Nevada To Allow Testing Of Passenger Drone

The idea: a drone taxi that can transport a single passenger for up to 23 minutes. A Chinese company called EHang and the state of Nevada are trying to make this happen by moving forward with testing the EHang 184 drone. Continue Reading