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$3.1B IT Modernization Fund: DoA, MIA or alive and kicking?

The Office of Management and Budget may be getting its chance publicly to make its case for the $3.1 billion IT Modernization Fund. Continue Reading

‘Ticking Time Bomb?’ Congress Probes Obsolete Federal Tech

The Department of Defense still uses a 1970’s IBM Series/1 computing system – including 8-inch floppy disk drives – to coordinate operations of the United States nuclear forces. Parts of the system are even older, dating back to the Kennedy administration. Continue Reading

Worried About Robots Taking Over? This Ethics Bot Might Put Your Mind at Ease.

Just how worried should we be about killer robots? To go by the opinions of a highly regarded group of scholars, including Stephen Hawking, Max Tegmark, Franz Wilczek and Stuart Russell, we should be wary of the prospect of artificial intelligence rebelling against its makers. Continue Reading