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Study Reveals Biggest Barrier to Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption in government is increasing, and the reasons are many: Adopting cloud services can lend an organization greater flexibility and agility, and save it dollars. Continue Reading

5 years into the ‘cloud-first policy’ CIOs still struggling

For half a decade, the federal government has operated under a policy to prioritize cloud computing as agency CIOs embark on new technology initiatives, but in such a vast and varied IT environment, it’s not been a quick transition. Continue Reading

Durable cost savings in government IT

The U.S. government IT spending landscape is extraordinarily complex — not surprising for an enterprise with dozens of departments and more than two million employees. Continue Reading

How the Postal Service can innovate its way out of financial ruin

The U.S. Postal Service didn’t celebrate its rare $307 million first-quarter profit in February, after Postmaster General Megan Brennan warned of strong “headwinds” that were projected to undo the agency’s optimism for the rest of the fiscal year. Continue Reading

Strategic sourcing: Evolving or devolving?

The Obama administration’s approach to better control federal spending on office supplies has fallen short of expectations and, many in industry believe, damaged the supply base. Continue Reading

Senators press OMB for A-130 update

Sens. Ron Johnson (l) and Tom Carper, the leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, are growing impatient with the pace of the scheduled updates to the A-130 circular, which governs federal information policy. Continue Reading